Travel Blog Archives – Part 3, Den Haag

On our second full day in Rotterdam, we took a 20-minute train ride to The Hague, or “Den Haag”.  It was classically beautiful and looked like it gave inspiration to every Disney movie about Europe.  The “castle” in the center of it was built as hunting lodge, while the moat was used to water the horses of the nobles.  We did the English tour of the Gevangenpoort, or Prison Gates museum, and got an inside look at what constituted justice a half millennium or so ago.  Glad we’ve changed our ways a bit.

The other museum we visited was the Mauritshuis, famous for housing Girl with a Pearl Earringand hundreds of other paintings from the Royal Collection.  The building itself was built as a residence in the early 1600s and is just beautiful.  For any Donna Tartt fans out there, it’s also where her book’s namesake resides, as well as The Anatomy Lesson of Dr Nicolaes Tulp by Rembrant.  Overall the museum has many very impressive pieces by the Dutch Masters, and it is well worth the 14 euros.

Photos of The Hague:

The building Brian wants for the brewery

Street cafes in Den Haag

Gold plated fountain with the royal crests in front of the hunting lodge (WHO HAS A HUNTING LODGE BIGGER THAN A CASTLE?!)

Our wonderful hosts and tour guides, Jill and Matt

Department of Justice

Glassed in shopping streets, for your weatherproof purchasing pleasure

Maruitshuis on the right, gates to the old hunting lodge on the left

Peter Paul Rubens, Old Woman and Boy with Candle

Paulus Potter, The Bull

Clara Peeters, Still Life with Cheeses

Interior of the Mauritshuis

Rembrandt, The Anatomy Lesson

Carel Fabritius, The Goldfinch

Johannes Vermeer, Girl with a Pearl Earring

The moat where the horses were washed and watered, and from which water was drawn to give the prisoners

The rack in the Prison Gates Museum where your limbs were tied down and struck with iron bars along the divots he’s pointing to.  You know, because breaking your leg in one place is bad, but breaking your arms and legs in eight places is, well, horrid.

A selection of swords for beheadings

“Well you see son, if you ever bring a snake into the house again, Mom is going to burn you on the forehead with this to teach you a lesson.”  Brands for the forehead to denote which town you had been banished from.

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