Travel Blog Archive – Part 26, Sevilla

We only had a day to spend in Sevilla before flying to Rome, so we left Jerez early in the morning to be able to see as much as we could of this Andalucian city.  We weren’t sure we’d make it to Sevilla, so we hadn’t done much research on what to do.  Luckily our friends Sarah and Peter had been there recently and gave us some great ideas about what to see and where to eat.  Based on their recommendations, we toured the Alcazar, ate amazing tapas, and saw some lively flamenco.

Sevilla was definitely a beautiful city to wander around, and though it rained the morning we got there, by noon the rain had given way to a beautiful day.  In the afternoon the narrow windy streets seemed to glow (what is it with Spanish light?) and we enjoyed getting lost in them.

The Alcazar – a palace and originally a Moorish Fort with incredibly intricate and beautiful tile work, architecture, and gardens. 






The start of an excellent tapas meal at Eslava.  If you’re in Sevilla, stop by.


Ingenious sun shades lining the streets.


Some impressive flamenco at La Carboneria.



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