Travel Blog Archives – Part 2, Rotterdam

Our last day in Reykjavik was spent much like the first – trying to get up before noon after failing to sleep through nighttime daylight then wandering the city and enjoying the sights.  Laurel found a great free literary walking tour that started at the local library and took us around the city.  It was nice to have two locals explain the buildings we were seeing, give some history and insight to Icelandic folklore, and read some Icelandic literature (you all know we’re nerds. “Free literary tour” was right up our alley).  Icelanders speak excellent English and have both better enunciation and pronunciation than any subway conductor we ever ran across in NYC.  On our last night, the lack of blackout curtains and a very confused internal clock kept us more or less awake until we had to leave for the airport at 4:30am, and then we were off to the Netherlands.

We arrived in Rotterdam via a train from the Amsterdam airport and met Laurel’s cousins at their awesome apartment on a canal.  They’re two of the friends/family members who have graciously offered us a roof during this homeless portion of our lives, and we’re so happy to be here.  Not only is their apartment beautiful (and spacious by BK standards), but it’s also close to the train station, which is handy for our day and weekend trips.

Since arriving here we’ve spent a day a few days wandering the cool city of Rotterdam.  Below are some pictures of what we’ve seen!

Carnival flags outside of Rotterdam Centraal Station

The tamest picture of Carnival we could take…nudity is not such a problem here.

Erasmus Bridge near the Old Harbor area

Boats in the Old Harbor

How to live on the water in Rotterdam

Can’t find a suitable building for your restaurant?  Use a boat!

Flowers at the Farmers’ Market

Cube houses.  Cool idea, but who want’s to live in an off kilter box?

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