Travel Blog Archives – Part 4, Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf was a happy accident.  Jill happened to be heading to that area for work and offered to drop us off at a nearby train station.  Who were we to pass up a visit to another beautiful old city as well as the birthplace of Dusseldorf Altbier?

We walked through the swanky shopping district (a German Fifth Ave), discovered a health store with cheap delicious gluten free bread (Laurel Happy-Land), and meandered up the beautiful promenade along the Rhine River.  We then decided to explore what the map promised to be a pretty little park but instead looked like a scene out of Fern Gully.  In place of the Prospect Park replica we were hoping for, we discovered a fenced off desolate expanse of patchy grass with piles of downed branches and cut trees littering the paths.

After escaping depressing-park through a break in the fence, we walked to the old city, or the Altstadt area.  With its cobblestone streets, multiple churches, and adorable buildings, this area fulfilled every image of Germany we had in mind.  There we tried Alt from four of the local breweries, two of which stuck out – Schumacher and Schlussel.  Much appreciated was the ubiquitous 1.90 Euro .25 liter glass of beer – enough to be refreshing but not so much that you felt you needed a breather before you tried another.  It was a cloudy rainy day, but with a beautiful waterfront, cheap beer, and cobblestone streets the weather didn’t bother us.

Below are pictures of the day in Germany!

Bike path on the road along the Rhine

Footpath along the Rhine

Colorful houses on the side streets

Altbier at Fuchschen

Canals in the city

Window shopping

Local park, aka Fern Gully

Pretty much every side street was scenic

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