Travel Blog Archive – Part 22, Barcelona

Our original plan for Spain was ambitious.  We thought we’d rent a car in Sevilla, drive for a few hours to see a different city every day, and even make it to the Western coast of Portugal.  After two weeks of moving through France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, and Greece, we came to our senses and re-planned Spain.  Basing our decisions on recommendations from friends who’d been to Spain more recently than we, we scrapped all plans, booked a promising airbnb in Jerez for 5 nights, and called it a day on the planning.

Before we could make it to Jerez, however, we had to suffer through a 10 hour layover in Barcelona.  I know, the horror.  After a strangely bustling 2AM flight from Corfu, a nap in the Rome airport, and another flight from Rome to Barcelona, we happily stashed our bags in locker airports, jumped a bus to the city center, bought a 10 ride subway pass, and saw all the highglights of a “what to see in Barcelona” day trip.

Of course, there were plenty of Gaudi architecture sightings.  We zoomed on past the crowds outside the Sagrada Familia but hung out for awhile in Parc Guell, taking in the Alice in Wonderfland feel of the place.  After getting our fill of Gaudi, we wandered through the Gothic Quarter to see the small windy streets and beautiful cathedrals, and walked down La Rambla, stopping for a pretty amazing meal at La Clara and some awesome gelato at a sidewalk stand.  Then it was back to the airport, fly to Sevilla, drive to Jerez, and relax for 6 days in Southern Spain!






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