Making holiday cheer out of… mold.

Angel ornament from Bergen, Norway

Every year I look forward to decorating our christmas tree. This year we hadn’t seen our ornaments since the move back to Brooklyn, and when we opened the box marked “super fragile please please please don’t drop this one” we saw… mold.

Somehow water had gotten into the box, and instead of merrily hanging ornaments on the tree, we spent the next 2 hours rotating the salvageable ornaments between baths of soapy water and bleach and sadly tossing into the trash the ones that were beyond saving.

When we got to this felt angel from Norway, she was covered in black mold and almost unrecognizable. Norway is not a cheap country, and we’d scoured the Christmas store in Bergen to find an ornament that fit our budget.

Refusing to throw it away, I stubbornly scrubbed it in hot soapy water until the grime finally started to give way. After a few more soakings and a couple days of drying in the sun, she’s almost as good as new.

While we didn’t have the night of tree decorating I’d hoped for, this little survivor ornament reminds me that, though 2016 has had its downs, a new year is just around the corner, and there is so much to be grateful for this holiday season.

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