Small Business Spotlight on Carrie Ingraham Yoga and Healing

We thought we’d bring a little light to the winter with our December Small Business Spotlight feature on Carrie Ingraham Yoga & Healing. As winter sets in, it’s nice to have some reminders of how to find balance and warmth no matter the circumstances… Scroll through for some insights into why yoga is a perfect winter complement (and the perfect Christmas gift!)

Sunset Balancing Stick Pose

1. What first attracted you to practicing yoga? 
The ability to feel in control when life feels chaotic. Especially when life feels chaotic. I’ve always been interested in holistic healing and mind-body connection, so yoga felt super natural and intuitive. I was also drawn to the creativity and how every class was different depending on the teacher.  Plus, Savasana. Let’s face it, Corpse Pose is awesome.
Yoga Teacher Practice
2. When/how did you decide to become a yoga teacher? 
A few years into my practice, I started doing yoga in private more and more. I liked the community aspect of classes, but I wanted to create my own flows and find my own uninhibited rhythm. I loved how practicing this way felt like writing. Depending on my mood and experiences that day, week, or month, I could express it with movement and tell this whole story. We learn so much when we take ownership this way, learning from exploration of places we might not otherwise go.
Yoga Teacher Practice
3. What has surprised you about teaching yoga?
The community and amazing friendships I’ve made. Once I started teaching, it’s not like I changed my life to fit around yoga, it was more that yoga fit the life I had already been building since childhood. So once I really dove into teaching, everything just sort of opened up. I attracted amazing people into my life, travel and work opportunities flourished, I developed healthier relationships, boundaries, and self-care practices on and off my mat…everything just aligned and fell into place. But the best part of teaching is that it allows you to be a forever-student. Teaching and learning are not mutually exclusive. I only hope my students learn as much from me as I do from them!
Sunrise Beach Yoga
4. What would you say to someone who thinks they “can’t do yoga”?
Saying you’re too inflexible for yoga is like saying you’re too dirty to take a shower…yoga taught me how to stop listening to those false and unnecessary voices. So, I’d say to those people, tell that crazy person in your head to shut the hell up. Life’s too short to let doubts dictate your actions, and what do you have to lose?
Sunset Yoga in Ocean
5. How can lessons from yoga practice be incorporated into daily life?
Oh god, where do I start? There’s the physical – Yoga will make you stronger, leaner, enhance your digestive system, prevent all sorts of disease, you name it. But, the self acceptance — yoga helps you realize that the body you want is just the healthiest version of the one you already have. The emotional, the subtle bodies, the connectedness to something divine and collective across cultures, no matter your spirituality or religion or whatever — that’s why I do yoga, and that’s what brings me to my mat every day. Lessons from yoga remind me, again and again, that we are born with all the resources we need for healing – the body talks, yoga teaches us how to listen!
Yoga Teacher Practice
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