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Vendor Spotlight: The Wright-Locke Farm


We love spending time at the Wright-Locke Farm, whether we’re there for photography or just to relax.  We learned more about the farm from Amy Rindskopf, the farm’s Event Manager.  Here’s what she has to say about one of America’s oldest farms!


1) What kinds of programs are offered at the farm?
We offer educational programs at the farm for kids and adults April through November. Most of our kids’ programs are centered around the farm: they learn about our animals by helping care for them as well as understanding how they are are different from each other and us. They also learn about the farm year by working in our children’s garden and tasting the produce we grow. Our adult programs run the gamut from cooking classes on canning and pickling, to beekeeping, foraging walks, flower arranging workshops, and learning to keep a healthy compost pile. In addition to education programs, we host free or low-cost events for the community: we celebrate Mother’s Day with Spring Fling, Family Farm Nights in June and July, and this year, we will be holding an Art at the Farm event in October. And last but not least, we hold fundraising parties and dinners throughout the season: our ever popular Summer Solstice Cocktails, Harvest Dinner, Farm-to-Table Suppers, and Fall Equinox Cocktails.



2) What’s your favorite time of year at the farm?
A really hard question! Spring and fall, when the sun is still warm but the evenings are cooler, are my favorite time everywhere, but especially on the farm — nothing is cozier than the 1827 Barn at sunset on a cool evening.



3) What’s one fact about the farm that people might not know?
We are one of the oldest farms in the United States! Only 10 miles from downtown Boston, we have been continuously farmed since 1638. We are so close to Boston that they used to drive wagons of Blue hubbard squash down to Faneuil Hall to sell at Quincy Market.



4) How do most people in the community use the farm?
There are so many ways the community uses the farm! Families bring their children to visit with the chickens and goats, people use our trails for walking and exercising their dogs, everyones loves to come raspberry picking in the fall. We have a free weekly summer concert series “Lettuce Turnip the Beet” — LOTS of people brought picnics and enjoyed the live music (and popsicles) this summer. And we have lots and lots of volunteers who make everything happen — they help pick our vegetables, they arrange our beautiful flowers, and they teach people how to pick the best raspberries.



5) What is grown on the farm?
Everything we grow is organic. Over the course of the season, we grow lettuces, herbs of all kinds, kale, Swiss chard, Brussels sprouts, blueberries, cucumbers, eggplant, carrots, peppers, tomatoes, radishes, beets, potatoes, tomatillos, summer squash, winter squash, turnips, arugula, spinach, rutabagas, green beans, yellow beans, purple beans, dried beans, Concord grapes, and popcorn (a special type of corn that we sell dried — popcorn doesn’t grow on a stalk!). And raspberries – lots of raspberries! We also have beautiful fields of flowers, which we cut for fresh bouquets and dried flowers. We sell eggs from our chickens and raise lamb for meat and sheepskin. And our farm stand sells products from other area farms and businesses.



6) How can families get involved with the farm?
Families are welcome to visit the farm, enjoy our trails and open spaces, and see our animals any day of the week, from dawn until dusk. All are welcome to pick raspberries in season. And the best family photos are taken in the corral or in front of one our barns!



If you find yourself near the Winchester, MA area, be sure to stop by the farm for an event, a day out, or one of our family photo sessions!


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  1. Very informative article about a very special place! Perfect scenery year round for family photos. Thank you aquadrophotography for posting!

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