Travel Blog Archive – Part 11, Norway (Flam – Bergen)

We were sad to leave the fjords, and wished we could stay in our cabin for another month or so, but we reluctantly packed up and headed back to Flam to catch the Flam Railway back to Myrdal.  This train is far more touristy than the regular Norway trains, as evidenced by the 10 minute stop at a waterfall where “characters from Norwegian folklore” emerged from the trees to dance while Norwegian folksongs played from speakers hidden behind rocks.  It was a beautiful ride though, and it was fun to see a bird’s eye view of the bike trail we’d traveled a few days before.

Bergen proved to be a great little city in which to spend our last night in Norway.  The marina area (Bryggen) was lively and just beautiful in the evening light when we arrived.  The fish market was bustling, and although tourists were plentiful, Bergen felt like a real city where real people live.  The gardens scattered throughout the downtown were perfectly manicured and full of vibrant colors, and the waterside surroundings and sunset eased the pain of paying $18 for a Carlsburg.

Although Iceland was beautiful, Belgium handily captured our beer-loving hearts, and the Netherlands began to feel like home, Norway was probably our favorite country so far.  And that’s saying something, considering the mozzarella stick appetizer at the Oslo TGIFriday’s was $22.  Yes, I checked.  No, I didn’t order it.

If you’re still not convinced to book your flight, here you go:

Top Five Reasons Not to Visit Norway

  1. You think waterfalls are scary.
  2. Friendly people make you suspicious.
  3. You hate feeling short.
  4. You fear sheep.
  5. You think raspberries should come from a grocery store.



Looking down over Flam


View over Flam and down the fjordimage

Character of Norwegian folklore dancing at the waterfallimageThe switchback down from Myrdal which we’d biked down a few days beforeimage

Fjord village from the train

imageGardens in BergenimageBryggen from across the marinaimageOutdoor market in Bryggenimage

Seafood market at the wharfimage

Bryggen!  Yes, those houses are leaning at all different anglesimage

I don’t think you’d never get insurance in the States with stairs like these


Jewelery that made Laurel want everything


Oh yes, there were plenty of Christmas decorationsimage

The street cafes where beers were…well, priced according to Norwegian pricesimageHmm..another street in Europe that looks like it was ripped off by San Franciscoimage

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