Travel Blog Archive – Part 10, Norway (goat cheese and “camping”)

After biking, boating, and hiking it was time to find some of the legendary goat cheese we’d heard about since arriving in Norway.  Apparently the town of Undreal, 10 or so kilometers across the fjord from Aurland, is known for making the best goat cheese in Norway.  We (ok, Laurel) was a bit too enthusiastic and bought all three kinds she could find– the more familiar looking white goat cheese, a caramel-colored Brunost which more closely resembled fudge than cheese, and a curious one called Gamalost which looked like crumbly bread.  Back at the cabin, we sliced up all three and tried them in order of normal-looking to weirdo-looking.  The white was delicious, though more like a hard brie than the goat cheese we’re used to in the states.  The brown was unexpected – strong, sweet, and with a lasting bite – and we could see why Norwegians pack a block of this in their pack for long skiing days.  The last, the Gamalost, was horrific.  The taste was something between rotting fish and dirty laundry, and after one small bite it took handfuls of the white cheese to erase the taste.  C’mon, Norway.  You were doing so well.

The campsite we stayed at, Lunde Camping, was awesome.  It reminded us of a KOA in the States, with only two cabins offering en suite bathrooms, numerous cabins offering hotplates (no running water), actual tent campsites, and electric hookups for RVs.  What really set it apart was how quiet and tranquil the setting was.  People seemed to be there to relax and enjoy just being in the fjords.  Our neighbors, for example, spent much of their days sitting on the porches reading.  It really felt like a retreat, even if the cabins weren’t secluded.

“Before today I never met a cheese I didn’t like”, said Laurel with tears of defeat…image

Closeup of the famous Norwegian goat cheesesimage

View over our cabin towards the river


Reception at Lunde Campingimage

Not a bad view from the front porch


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