Travel Blog Archive – Part 8, Norway (Oslo and Train to Fjords)

Go to Norway.  Now.  Fly to Oslo, take the train to Myrdal, and make your way down to the fjordside town of Flam however you choose.  We chose via bicycle, which we’d highly recommend, but you can also take the Flam Railway or hike the 20 km.  We’d also recommend that, if you choose to bike, you walk your bike down the first part which is full of tooth-shaped fist-sized rocks and drops a thousandish feet in a few kilometers.  Walking the bike here is especially advisable if you have a 40 lb pack on your back and are on a flimsy rental bike.  Otherwise you end up trying to crawl out from under said bike and pack with a scraped up hand and a bruised leg.  This Laurel learned the hard way.

So, after you get to Flam (Which you will soon, right?  You’ve already booked your flight? Stop reading and book your flight.), feel free to enjoy the surprisingly excellent craft beer at Aegir Brewery.  The brewpub is built out of wood and stone, and the huge center fireplace and surrounding benches draped with invitingly soft animal skins will almost make you wish for snow.  We ordered a flight to celebrate finishing the rest of the bike ride without further injury, and – shockingly – the wasabi saison was our favorite.  It was perfectly sweet and spicy, and it instantly instilled in us a strong craving for sushi.

After finishing our beers, we took a bus to the adorable town of Aurland, which felt much more like a real town than the touristy Flam.  We found our campground and checked into our awesome little cabin where we stayed for 3 nights along a beautiful river.  If you do find yourself in this area, staying in Aurland (and, specifically, Lunde Campground) is highly recommended.

Photos Below –

City hall, Oslo.  More specifically, the room where the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded.  To the left: Norway souvenirs.image

Royal Palace, Osloimage

Anti-Israeli/Pro-Palestinian Protest, Oslo.  An unexpected and strong presence in the downtown/touristy area.image

Morning mountain lake reflections on the train ride from Oslo to Myrdalimage

Remote farm up in the mountains from the trainimage

Mountain lake reflections


Mountain town from the train (and snow!)image

Biker on the Rallarvegen bike trail in Finse, headed to Myrdal image

If you haven’t figured it out yet, the train ride was about five and a half hours of mountain lakes and gorgeous scenery…Do you have your ticket yet? image

Myrdal station/town on the right, the road we’re taking down to Flam follows the valley down…down…down…image

Heading down the Rallarvegen from Myrdal to Flam, before it got steep and rockyimage

Laurel, with pack and bike, after descending over 1000 feet in a couple milesimage

Water power is a big thing hereimage

Water that makes the Caribbean look cloudedimage

Little fjord townimage

Riverside accommodationsimage

Flam Church – the “new” church (built in 1667) to replace the old stave churchimage

Fresh picked raspberries paired with local beer.  Perfection!image

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