A Brooklyn Wedding Shoot

One of the coolest things about New York City is that you really can find anything you need – be it a peaceful walk in a park or a 4am Shwarma. One of our favorite spots to shoot in New York is the dynamically photogenic Prospect Park area of Brooklyn. Within five minutes you can walk from historic brownstone districts to the stunning arch and fountain of Grand Army Plaza to the idyllic meadows of the Park. Since we can pick and choose pretty much any environment, we’re able to match the unique personalities of each couple in our shoots. It’s a photographer’s playground, essentially.
Take the adorable Susan and Greg, for example. In order to meet new people in New York, Susan joined a soccer team. She ended up meeting Greg there, who is now her fiance (success!) To practice for their big day, we held a wedding shoot with the happy couple in Brooklyn. The liveliness of the city mimics their fun-loving energy towards each other. We captured Susan and Greg having fun in the park, hanging out on brownstone stoops, and wandering through Grand Army Plaza. Man, our job is sooo rough. 😉


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