Childhood Play At Its Best

One reason we love photography so much is that it serves as a great excuse to get outside.  Photographing Tinkergarten classes allows us to do just that while also creating images of kids doing what kids do best: learning through experimentation and enjoying the gleeful surprises in nature.

Brian has worked for Tinkergarten for the past year, and they’re an awesome organization that leads outdoor education classes for children.  They recently started holding classes in our neck of the woods, so we joined a class in Amherst, MA to document some of the child-directed exploration that Tinkergarten promotes.

Learning about “light” and “heavy” by gathering materials in nature!

SM Tinkergarten Class Laurel 3-4-16-7468

The next activity helped promote some thinking about balance… AND it provided us with one of our more adorable photographic subjects: tiny felt gnomes.

SM Tinkergarten Class Laurel 3-4-16-7582

Because no childhood exploration would be complete without an experiment in gravity and dropping things, this basket-pulley-rope situation was a big hit.

Explorations in balance and gravity continued with this activity involving a balancing piece of wood, buckets, and the cutest sock creatures ever.

As if this class wasn’t fun/adorable enough, it ended with tiny mittens clutching mugs of hot chocolate.  Is there anything better?

SM Tinkergarten Class Laurel 3-4-16-7753

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