March Vendor Spotlight: Mill 1 in Holyoke, MA

Last summer we had a chance to photograph some beautiful weddings at Mill 1, a unique wedding venue in Holyoke, MA.  We chatted with Mill 1’s Sales and Communications Director Maggie Bergin about what makes Mill 1 a great place for weddings and events.

What makes Mill 1 a unique wedding venue?
Mill 1’s original 19th century-era maple floors, longleaf pine beams & brick walls and windowsills have been around for 160 years. Our custom bar & HVAC system was built in 2010. And both elements live happily and beautifully together. There are lots of spots with genuine historic charm, but Mill 1 marries rustic beauty with contemporary designs and amenities, uniquely offering a timeless and modern space.

What are some of your favorite or most special/unique/unusual events you’ve hosted at Mill 1?

Winter events are some of our favorites because friendly family gatherings during cold months really warm us up. Milestone birthday parties are always a lot of fun because they’re usually very tailored to a person’s particular interests and we love working with people at all different stages of their lives.

To what extent can clients personalize their wedding days at Mill 1?

One of the nicest things about Mill 1 is you can do nothing with the space and it looks like a million dollars, OR you can create a detailed decor; still looks like a million dollars. You think I’m joking?! Just check out some photographer blog posts about working at Mill 1!

What’s the greatest challenge in renting out a space that is such a blank canvas?
We try to put everything about Mill 1 online: our food, our bar & the feel of our space. So when people come to us, they already have a good idea of the aesthetics of Mill 1 and seek us out for that exact reason.

What do most people forget to ask when planning an event at Mill 1?
What was the largest dinner party or family gathering you’ve hosted? Fifteen people? Twenty? Most weddings we host are over 125 people, so there’s a lot to think about! And if you’ve never planned a wedding before, how can you be expected to be an expert. That’s what we’re here for: to help.

What type of events do you wish you saw more of?

With Electric Café & Catering (our exclusive in-house caterer) now open, we’d love people to know they can host rehearsal dinners or Sunday brunches at the café for up to 50 people. Especially for couples having their ceremony with us, having everything on site really works well for local AND out of town guests.
If you’re looking for a unique event space in the Pioneer Valley, check out Mill 1!

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