Getting a wider view

I (Brian, again!) really like making panoramas.  I love how they can convey the grandeur of a scene where a single shot fails.  Laurel loves them because she gets to laugh while I try not to fall off whatever I’m balanced on while spinning around my camera.IMG_6401

This one was an early attempt – made in July 2011 during our weeklong escape to Ishigaki, Japan.  More on Ishigaki, the magical island of awesomeness, later.


This one is now printed 8 feet long and hangs in our living room, which is great because every time it’s all “New Englandy” outside I look at the wall and remember a warm, wonderful time when the skies were clear, people were friendly, the air fresh, the fruit cheap and delicious, and the drivers responsible.

I had big plans to do a huge sunrise panorama when we hiked Fuji, but that didn’t work out for reasons that you can read here.  I didn’t get many opportunities for those huge views until a snowy summer hike in Colorado in August 2013… I’ll write a proper post on that magical hike later (snow during our August supposed-to-be-camping trip made for an interesting night.  Apparently not everyone thinks shivering is fun.)  The next day, however, temps warmed and we were treated to this view from the summit of Spencer Peak.

Spencer Panorama dust removal sky lines removed

The next chance I had to create a panorama was in March 2014 when we went to Argentina and hiked in the El Chalten region, seeing incredible views of Laguna de los Tres and Monte Fitz Roy.

Laguna de los Tres 1 to 4 crop

Fitz Roy Panorama

Because I’m never quite satisfied with the view I have, I’ve started playing around with panoramas that are compositions to bring in closer to 270 degrees…vertically and horizontally.  Until I get my act together and write that post, let me know your thoughts!

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