February Vendor Spotlight: Blooms of Hope

A few months ago, we had the chance to meet Danielle Jalbert of Blooms of Hope at an event in Boston.  

IMG_7900 copy

After oogling over the flowers all night through our cameras, we asked if she’d answer some of our flower questions for this month’s Vendor Spotlight.  Here’s what she had to say!


1. How do you strike a balance between creating unique/creative designs and fulfilling customer’s specific orders?

Flowers are all about personality: favorite bloom, seasonal theme or sentimental meaning. Whatever it may be, we bring in the client’s personal style making each design truly custom. By doing this, the balance between creative designs and client wants usually works itself out.

2. How do you help customers decide between arrangements when there are so many beautiful options?
At the initial consultation meeting we ask our clients to describe their “wedding look” and bring any inspiration photos. From there we can usually decipher what the overall vision is and offer more narrowed options for flowers and containers to get the right look while still staying within their budget.

3. What’s the most interesting/unique order you’ve received?
One of our unique orders was for a “Mexican Lasso”. It’s a flower garland used in traditional Hispanic and Filipino ceremonies.

4. What’s your favorite kind of order? 
An order that happens at a time when we get use flowers we don’t see on a regular basis like a wedding in the middle of January. Or a request to incorporate special details like a Bride adding something extra to the handle of her bouquet.

5. You pair with so many great charity organizations.  How do you decide which ones to support?
Right now we have five local organizations that are our focus – Room to Grow, Community Cooks, Children’s Room, HomeStart and Samaritans. Each one of these non-profits does amazing work to help others feel their best. The connection to Blooms of Hope is that we feel flowers have a similar effect of making people feel good. That being said, we continue to add new donations every year!

6. What are some fun ways to pair flower meanings with the events they decorate? “Floriography” is very traditional and hardly ever used, however it is fun to have a client find something they love and then discover the meaning afterwards.

7. What’s one thing you wish customers knew about flowers?
Flowers are living things and they will express color and shape however they decide.

8. Where do you get your flowers?
The Boston Flower Exchange

If you’re looking for some gorgeous flowers to brighten up your next event, contact Blooms of Hope!

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