Vegetarian, Except For Bacon

The best excuse to eat excessive five-star meals and desserts? Pre-wedding food tastings. The best excuse to become a meat-eater after a lifetime of vegetarianism? Pre-wedding food tastings, especially when your venue’s waitstaff creates a platter of bacon-themed appetizers and presents it to you proudly, awaiting for your taste and approval.

Yeah, that was awkward.

Note to vegetarian brides and grooms before we tell our tale: be sure to let your wedding venue know you don’t eat meat before they make up a bacon-based app platter solely for you to taste.

While Brian is a steadfast carnivore, the Ingraham side of the family is slightly less versed in the meat-eating (and gluten-eating, and dairy-eating, and sugar-eating…) department. It’s a long story, but basically we all have varying food sensitivities. So it was an interesting choice when we decided that my parents, sister, and I would go to the Emerson Inn to try all the foods we’d serve at the wedding: bacon-themed platter, beef entree, gluten-filled rolls and all.

And so, the four vegetarian Ingrahams sat staring awkwardly at these beautiful appetizers, like bacon-wrapped scallops, bacon crostinis, and bacon-stuffed-bacon (I made that last one up, but that’s how it seemed.  This platter was BIG.). After eyeing each other like players in the guiltiest game of Russian Roullette, the little sister took one for the team, slowly but surely trying all the apps.

Turns out, bacon’s freaking delicious.  And THAT, ladies and gents, is how the Ingraham vegetarianism came to a dying, glorious end. (Just kidding. Sort of. Bacon’s a gluten-free vegetable, right?)

Though we did eventually fess up to our dietary preferences and ended up with a deliciously varied wedding menu, bacon-wrapped figs definitely made the final cut and were a memorable addition to our cocktail hour.

lb 637238 copy

Thanks Emerson Inn in Rockport for the amazing food and Cafe Sicilia in Gloucester for these delicious pies:

lb 637512 copy lb 637516 copy

Here are some links/recipes to foolproof wedding food for all sorts of diets!

PS – if you ever find yourself near Sunderland MA, the Blue Heron restaurant has a pretty amazing blue-cheese-stuffed-bacon-wrapped-date appetizer.  AND it’s gluten free.  You’re welcome.

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