New York, New York – Family Photography in Brooklyn

I love New York City – the 3,725 food choices on every block, the world-class cultural opportunities, the sense of victory after having made it through a subway station without taking an elbow to the ribs.  I loved living there and knowing that every day I woke up in a place that millions of people choose to visit every year.

While Brian and I don’t live in NYC anymore, we go back as often as we can to see friends, eat at our favorite restaurants, and visit all the tourist attractions we never made it to when we lived there.

On our most recent visit, we even snuck in a few awesome family photo shoots.  Bonus – they were with some dear friends whom we adore.  Our job is awesome.

Brooklyn holds a special place in our hearts since that was the first place where Brian and I were able to live together when he left the Marines, so doing our photo shoots there was especially awesome.

Here are some of our favorites so far:

Armstrong 3

Armstrong 7


See you soon, Brooklyn.

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