The Best Food in the World!!!

Ok, maybe not in the world.  But definitely the best food we’ve had in a long time.  We were psyched to be part of an event in Somerville, Massachusetts celebrating the recent successes of Forklift Catering.  Forklift had just been named Best Wedding Caterer by Best of Boston and was ready to celebrate in the cool new event space Warehouse XI.

IMG_8071  IMG_8075  IMG_7971

Warehouse XI has a great open feel which provided an awesome background for these gorgeous flower arrangements by Blooms of Hope!

IMG_8713   IMG_7890 IMG_7928   IMG_7893

One doesn’t earn recognition as best wedding caterer in Boston by making boring food, so we knew the food would be pretty awesome.  However, what blew us away about the Forklift food was how creative and beautiful it was.  Sweet, savory, salty – it was all there.  All combined perfectly.  All. De. Licious.  As if that’s not enough, the plates were expertly decorated with flowers.  Love it.

IMG_8792-Edit   IMG_8772  IMG_8766   IMG_8883

Some of the ridiculously delicious combinations included watermelon, prosciutto, and cheese and a beautiful variety of carrots and buratta.

IMG_8802  IMG_8865

If you’re in the market for a caterer in the Boston area, look no further…

IMG_9013  IMG_7909IMG_8678  IMG_7991

Check out our full gallery of the event here! 

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