A Reason to Celebrate

The Wright-Locke Farm in Winchester, Massachusetts is a great place to celebrate, and there’s a festive feeling in the air this fall!  In early August, the Wright-Locke Farm conservancy was finally able to purchase the 12.5 acres of land surrounding the farm, ensuring that the land would remain an educational and historical resoure for the surrounding community.  Relief and excitement were palpable at their recent Harvest Dinner, and we were lucky enough to be included in the celebration.

The barn, decked out for a great night:

IMG_8622 IMG_8625

IMG_8628         IMG_8643

As guests arrived, they posed for photos against the backdrop of the farm and setting sun.

IMG_8703   IMG_9416                             IMG_9543

After photos, guests made their way to the bar to enjoy raspberry-prosecco cocktails.  Yum. Of course, the raspberry juice was made from the farm-grown organic raspberries.

IMG_8728   IMG_8798

IMG_8652    IMG_8874

After sunset, the party migrated to the barn for farm-fresh food under twinkling lights.

IMG_9541  IMG_8924  IMG_9627   IMG_8920                                      IMG_8935

The Wright-Locke Farm is a beautiful setting for weddings or any other celebration and it’s wonderful to know this protected land will remain a part of Winchester’s history for many more years to come!

IMG_9625 IMG_9613

View our full gallery of the dinner here.

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